Mint Fizz


An ultra-light unisex cycling sock with a low compression fit and manufactured mainly in Meryl®. Manufactured in a double thread makes it lightweight and breathable.

Designed to offer a perfect fit, maximum breathability and great comfort – every time.




Lightweight cycling socks made from the highest-quality material. The upper area of the foot is made of a mesh to achieve assist with breathability. The heel and toe sections have been reinforced giving the sock greater durability. Our socks are manufactured using a double thread which provides greater strength and compression, without losing quality or design.


Weight: 40gr
Manufactured: Spain
Feature: Breathable mesh
Material: Meryl®

What is Meryl? It combines an exceptionally soft touch with the durability and robustness of nylon. Meryl can stretch up to 5 times its length with excellent recovery. It’s fully breathable and is used to get moisture transported to the outside of the sock, allowing your foot to dry quickly.


Meryl®: 57%
Lycra: 22%
Elastic: 10%
Nylon: 11%

Additional information

Weight 0.3 g

S (37-39), M (40-42), L (43-45)

Sizing Guide

S: 37-39
M: 40-42
L: 43-45

S: 4-6
M: 6.5-8
L: 8.5-12

Shipping Information

Free Standard Shipping anywhere on the Spanish Peninsular.