Hello. Hola. ¿Cómo estás hoy?

We are Sockla and, as our bilingual blog beginning suggests, we are writing this morning from our base here in Spain.

Sockla HQ, we call it.

Home to the socks of sporting champions.

Sockla technical running socks

Sockla technical running socks

You might not have heard much about us, but trust us on this, you will.

We’re new, that’s all. Our plans? They’re rather large in scale.

Going places. Getting there fast. Traveling in style. That is our aim.

Up and running after much planning, it’s good to be here at last.

To introduce ourselves, our socks and our brand.

For cyclists. For runners. For triathletes. For all.

Sockla technical cycling socks

Sockla technical cycling socks

Made right here in Spain, but worn on feet the world over.

That’s the vision. The aim. The Masterplan.

You’ll soon come to realize that our ambition knows no bounds.

From Sockla HQ to YOU, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance today.

Sockla technical socks

Sockla technical socks